While the 18 year-old is quite rightly not considered to be the peatiest Talisker, it is nonetheless quite remarkable on every front. First it offers finesse, then complexity and finally generosity. Three vital qualities that are only possessed by the finest single malts. And, on closer inspection, the particularly peaty finish demolishes many received ideas.
Profile: refined, distinguished. Vanilla, chocolate, candied citrus fruit, walnuts and beeswax. Green mint, peat, smoke, ashes and spices (nutmeg, cloves).

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Appearance : burnished gold.

Nose : fine, distinguished. The initial nose is remarkably well-balanced. Vanilla, chocolate, candied citrus fruit, walnuts and beeswax mingle with green mint, peat, smoke, ashes and spices (nutmeg, cloves). Remarkable refinement. Without being especially peaty, this Talisker proudly proclaims its ‘island single malt’ identity.

Palate : full-bodied, delicate. More refined than the nose, it suffuses the mouth with delicious sweet, salty, spicy, camphorated flavours. Oceanic, it is occasionally submerged by notes of black pepper, moorland, salt meadows, and sweet limes and oranges. An energetic, vibrant bitterness runs through it. Talisker’s charm works its magic.

Overall : rugged, firm. The peat now becomes ultra dominant. More so now that it has the measure of the palate’s fruity, vanilla character. The sap work has paid off. The retro-nasal olfaction offers beautifully pure malted barley, while the empty glass is simultaneously fruity, chocolatey and peaty.

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