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“And God created… Samaroli.” In the Italian barony of whisky, Silvano Samaroli is king. Like a Pavlovian reflex, simply mentioning this name excites the olfactory and gustatory memory of the lucky few who, during their travels, have been able to taste a Bowmore Bouquet 1966, a Glen Garioch 1971, a Laphroaig 1967, Tormor 1966 or a Longrow 1974 Sherrywood. These bottlings are now so difficult to find that they have been consigned to the pantheon of inaccessible whiskeys… Artist and visionary Silvano Samaroli was also behind this legendary edition of Springbank 12 Year Old, 100 Proof, bottled in 1981, which brings together various barrels.

Founded in 1828, Springbank was acquired by the Mitchell family, who still own it today. Springbank is one of the last Scottish distilleries to perform all production operations, from malting to bottling, on site. Known for the exceptional quality of its sherried bottlings, Springbank experienced a desert crossing in the 1980s that left an indelible mark on its stock. Thus, two periods can be distinguished in its style: until the end of the 1990s marked by sherry casks and, from the beginning of the 2000s, marked by bourbon casks.

Whisky perfection! Need we say more? Exotic and Mediterranean fruit, juiced, in a jelly and jam, as well as citrus fruit. A resolutely Oriental temperament, with spices. Syrupy, like a Sauternes, with just the right amount of mineral notes unique to Alsace wines. A dark side brings peat, ash, roasted notes, bitter chocolate and leather.
Samaroli Import
Single Malt, 57.1%, 75 cl
Small Batch Ð Sherry Cask
Limited edition of 2,400 bottles

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Tasting Notes

: both airy and heady. It all starts with notes of vanilla, cereals, flowers and ripe fruit deposited in bulk. Then things become more specific, cereals decline their identity (corn, malted barley), vanilla has become bourbon, flowers are white (lily of the valley, lilac) and heady (freesia, honeysuckle) and fruits are citrus (grapefruit, lemon), pears and peaches. All perfumed with jasmine.

Palate : lively, nervous. Its attack is honeyed and vegetal (cucumber, yellow melon). It becomes spicy (coriander, parsley) and greedy (toffee, crème brûlée). Finely wooded, it continues with notes of pine resin and other spices (fresh ginger, star anise, licorice).

Finish : long, sweet. It first returns to vanilla and ripe fruit (pear, apple). Then, it unfolds freely and anarchically on notes of hyacinth, curry, frangipane, smoked bacon, fresh nuts, zucchini flower, samphire, asparagus…

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