SONOMA Straight Rye #14-0006 Conquête


Founded in 2010 by Adam Spiegel, California’s smallest distillery draws its spring water from Lake Sonoma. Distilled in a still heated over an open fire, this 100% rye whiskey is a succession of olfactory and taste sequences, each more inspired than the next. To better highlight the feeling of harmony that reigns, the three stages of the tasting are linked together by a square of chocolate.

Profile: Voluble, generous, slender. Vanilla, apricot, ginger, wood.

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Appearance: Mahogany
Nose: both lively and luscious. On the first nose, notes of wood varnish, candied apricot and burnt wood form an olfactory trio full of personality. Allowed to breathe, the aromatic palette becomes more and more exotic (mango, persimmon) and grilled (wood fire). Over time, citrus zests (orange, lemon) give the answer to cereals, primarily corn.
Palate: slender, dynamic. On the attack, the radiance of a distillate of limpid purity crosses the palate from side to side. Then, vanilla, apricot jam, ginger, cocoa powder or even dried fruits (dates, walnuts) bring a lot of density to the mid-palate. Gradually, the same grated ginger, precious wood shavings and crushed coconut gently cover the taste buds.
Overall: long, sappy. Balsamic (pine), heady (cherry blossom), springtime (flowery meadow) and vanilla, the start of the finish evolves towards a very gourmet register (pound cake flavored with orange blossom liqueur). Honeyed (linden, heather), the aftertaste gradually becomes medicinal (mustard poultice). In retro-olfaction, flavors of distillate just out of the still come back to the surface of the taste palette. The empty glass is spicy (ginger), herbaceous (pipe tobacco), milky (coconut) and empyreumatic (apricot kernel).

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