SONOMA 2d Chance Wheat


Founded in 2010 by Adam Spiegel, Sonoma County Distilling produces whiskeys using open flame stills.

Named “2nd Chance,” this wheat whiskey is made from a blend of unmalted wheat and malted rye.

Perfectly embodying the “Sonoma” style, it shows both power and exuberance while remaining fresh and airy.

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Tasting Notes

: Fresh, full of exuberance. The first nose presents a thin layer of varnish enveloping strong spices (clove, cumin), ripe fruits (apple, mirabelle plum), and exotic fruits (pineapple). It evolves towards germinating grain and citrus (orange), then moves closer to red fruits (wild strawberry).

Palate : Clear, firm. With a lot of dynamism and lift, it transcends the nose. Initially lactic (rice pudding, coconut), the mid-palate gradually becomes herbaceous and mentholated. The finish accentuates the impression of power with spicy, licorice, and camphor notes.

Finish : Both tense and smooth, it highlights a distillate of great purity with a slight salinity. With elegance, it returns to fresh fruits (Williams pear, plum) and white flowers (lilac). The aftertaste is marked by wheat, while the empty glass reveals balsamic (thuja) and heady (gillyflower) notes.

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