SAVANNA 15 Year Old Grand Arome Po


The only distillery in the world to produce rhum agricole (from pure cane juice), sugar refinery rum (from molasses) and grand ar0‹0me rum (from molasses, with a long fermentation), Savanna has sold its spirits under its own name since 2003. A blend of two grand ar0‹0me rums – one aged in an ex-cognac cask, the other in an ex-Port cask – finished together for a year and a half in an ex-cognac barrel, this version is the fruit of a collaboration between the distillery¡¯s cellar master Johnny Landais and La Maison du Whisky. Continually revealing new flavours and aromas, it takes the taster on an olfactory and gustatory adventure whose complexity is rivalled only by its length.
Complex, with cane sugar at the heart of the aromatic palette. Around this, we find candied orange, banana, chocolate and even melon. Allowed to breathe, it becomes spicy (cinnamon) and floral (peony), before developing a more medicinal register (camphor). Black fruits (blackcurrant, cherry) punctuate the aromatic palette. Prolonging the energetic attack, juicy pear, honey and vegetal flavours seize the palate. The mid-palate reveals salted butter caramel and cocoa powder. The finish is silky and velvety (taffeta). Spice (ginger) and precious wood bring lots of nobility to the end of the palate.
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Appearance : orangey copper with glints of green.
Nose : complex, deep. On the first nose, cane sugar occupies the heart of the aromatic palette. Immediately around this we find candied orange, apricot, very ripe banana, chocolate, vanilla pod and melon. Superb! Allowed to breathe, cinnamon and heady florals (peony, rose) take the cane sugar¡¯s place. With time, it becomes medicinal (mustard, camphor). Right at this moment, red and black fruits (raspberry, cherry, blackcurrant) highlight the Port¡¯s influence.
Palate : lively, very dynamic. The attack literally sweeps away the vinous notes of the nose. Juicy pear, geranium honey and vegetal flavours (sugar cane) bring smoothness and tone to the palette of flavours. The roasted (coffee) mid-palate reveals a very pleasant saltiness (salted butter caramel). Continuing on, the end of the palate becomes increasingly rich (vanilla eclair) and powdery (cocoa). At the same time, tobacco aromas gradually flood the taste buds.
Overall : long, silky. The particularly silky (taffeta, peach skin) start to the finish is also characterized by bitter orange zest. Notes of grated ginger and precious wood (ebony, cherry wood) bring nobility to the very end of the palate. On the retro-nasal olfaction, bourbon vanilla and cane sugar rival each other in intensity whilst new spices (cardamom, saffron) appear. The empty glass is vegetal (straw) and herbal (tea, cappuccino).

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