SAVANNA 14 ans Grand Arome Fût 392 The Chronicles 2019


With links to the Bois-Rouge sugar refinery since 1992, the Savanna distillery is one of the only in the world to sell a grand arôme rum produced through a very long (sometimes as long as ten days) and slow fermentation. Aged in cognac casks, it is with authority and above all lots of inspiration, that this very complex version imposes its back-and-forth of flavours and aromas. The way in which, without encountering any opposition, it pushes the medicinal notes of the aromatic palette into the depths of the flavour palette is a perfect example of this.
Single Cask no. 392. Exclusive to LMDW.

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Profile: the rich initial nose is camphoric, honeyed and fruity (quince). Allowed to breathe, it becomes peppery, lemony and animal (leather). The lively and unctuous attack is vanilla and herbaceous (sugarcane). The deliciously honeyed mid-palate is also chocolatey, floral (vetiver) and fruity (marmalade). The rich finish is powdery (cocoa, grated ginger) and vanilla. The oily retronasal olfaction is characterized by notes of pipe tobacco.

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