RABBIT HOLE 4 ans 2017 Single Barrel Bourbon Heigold L17K24 #4 La Distillerie Générale Antipodes


Colour: deep burnished gold.

Nose: rich and unctuous. On the first nose, delicious fragrances of iris butter, liquorice, rye, ginger and camphor form an extremely concentrated first tableau of aromas. Allowed to breathe, candied citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit), lavender honey, heady florals (mimosa, broom) and squash notes form a just-as-intense second tableau of aromas. Finally, spice (pepper, clove, nutmeg, paprika) brings lots of energy and vitality to the aroma palette.

Palate: firm, slender. The very delicately vanilla attack is characterised by delicious flavours of warm cane sugar. This incursion into the world of rum nonetheless quickly makes way for cereal notes (rye, maize). The particularly consistent mid-palate is at once balsamic and empyreumatic (ivy, cedar, beeswax, precious wood). The softly cocoa end of the palate is also fruity (lemon, pear, Mirabelle plum).

Finish: long, silky. The generous start of the finish is powdery (rice), rooty (gentian) and spicy (ginger, cardamom). The very concentrated flavour palette reveals notes of dark chocolate. The exotic retro-nasal olfaction (banana, pineapple, coconut) is also divinely herbaceous (rhizome, cactus). Recreating the atmosphere of an American warehouse, the empty glass bursts with floral (iris butter) aromas and noble wood.

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Just like the Smooth Ambler Rye Bourbon, this Rabbit Hole High Rye perfectly embodies the artisanal nature of the craft movement that has, in recent years, revolutionised the world of American whiskey. Produced with 70% maize, 25% rye and 5% malted barley, this version boasts a depth and complexity that begs admiration. Beaming with luminosity and especially expressive, with expert precision it invites the taster to discover sequence after sequence of continually repeating floral, spicy, fruity and cereal tones.

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