PORT ASKAIG 10 ans 2011 Conquête


If it were necessary to describe this Port Askaig in a few words, it would be: precision, vitality, classicism and naturalness. Just like this peat, which constitutes the real red thread of a very homogeneous aromatic and gustatory palette. Omnipresent, it deploys its smoky, marine, chocolate, oily and minty nuances to better highlight the fruity, floral and spicy tones that give it an equally eloquent response.

Complex, gourmet. Lemons, liquorice, ginger.

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Color: bright gold.
Nose: fine, elegant. On the first nose, the acrid smoke and candied lemons compete in intensity. Allowed to breathe, scents of incense, Russian leather, seaweed and a thin film of soot cover the entire aromatic palette. This becomes more and more floral over time (white lilac, lily of the valley). Superbly delicate, it lingers on with fruity notes (pear, Golden apple).
Palate: both fresh and delicious. More peaty than the nose would suggest, the attack on the palate is covered with green liquorice and candied ginger. In the mid-palate, this peat becomes chocolatey, oily and greasy. The gourmet aftertaste is reminiscent of cinnamon rice cake and lemon meringue pie. Peat remains omnipresent, however taking on herbaceous accents (straw, bark).
Finish: long, balanced. Among other qualities, the start of the finish takes up the notes of the nose and the mouth. She adds agave flavors reminiscent of the world of mezcals as well as almond milk, coriander and orgeat syrup. Very peppery and medicinal (mustard poultice), the retro-olfaction highlights the minty character of peat and smoke that are still present. The empty glass is camphorated, malty (barley porridge), peaty and empyreumatic (sleet).

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