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Designed especially for Penderyn, the distillery’s Faraday stills topped with distillation columns produce a new make spirit with a very pure expression that leaves the stills at at 92% ABV. In just under 20 years, the single malt produced by this distillery has become extremely renowned, thanks in particular to its magnificent cask strength bottlings. This exceptional Penderyn finished in ex-Moscatel casks is of this ilk. Prolonging the tasting indefinitely, many hours later, the dried extracts on the empty glass even create a fourth stage in an extraordinary journey of aromas and flavours that takes us almost in person to the distillery’s private warehouse.

Profile: the complex first nose is malty, medicinal (ointment) and fruity (lemon, pear, Mirabelle plum). Allowed to breathe, the aromatic palette becomes exotic (pineapple) and herbaceous (fennel, cypress). Next, coconut milk and a fine green liquorice bring lots of sweetness to this first sequence of aromas. The slender, mineral (chalk) attack is medicinal, extremely fruity (pear, white peach) and floral (lily of the valley). The spicy (nutmeg) mid-palate also reveals numerous aromatic plants (lemon balm, sorrel). Raisins highlight the Moscatel’s influence. The delicate start of the finish overflows with red and black fruits (strawberry, bramble). Gradually, lime blossom honey and almond milk refreshingly envelop the taste buds. Just as fruity, the retro-nasal olfaction continues in a straight line from the nose and the palate.

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Appearance : deep gold.
Nose : rich, complex, fresh. On the first nose, an exceptionally pure expression of notes of malted barley, ointment and ripe fruits (lemon, pear, Mirabelle plum) sets the tone for the tasting. Allowed to breathe, the aromatic palette takes on incredibly precise exotic (pineapple, passion fruit, banana) and vegetal (cut grass, fennel, cypress) tones. The Penderyn style, free of anything superfluous, is at its zenith. With time, coconut milk, a fine green liquorice and grated ginger enrich an initial sequence of aromas that still has many more secrets to reveal.
Palate : svelte, lively. The very mineral (chalk, tuffeau) attack is also medicinal (ointment, mustard poultice), extremely fruity (William’s pear, greengage plum, white peach), floral (white lilac, lily of the valley) and delicately vanilla. On the mid-palate, noble spices (nutmeg, cardamom, pink peppercorn) and aromatic plants (savory, sorrel, lemon balm) form a completely independent second sequence. Next, flavours of cane sugar, lavender honey and raisin underscore the influence of the Moscatel sweet wine. Outstanding.
Overall : long, delicate. Moving in the most natural way closer to malted barley (wort, porridge), the start of the finish places a basket overflowing with red and black fruits (strawberry, raspberry, bramble, cherry) on the centre of the palate. On either side, lime blossom honey, camomile tea and sweet almond milk refreshingly coat the taste buds. At once vanilla and chocolate, the retro-nasal olfaction brings out the incredible fruity (pear, apricot) creaminess of the end of the finish. The empty glass is malty, peppery, exotic (pineapple) and praline.

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