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Distilled in a column still, this version has been aged for 15 years in a tropical climate using the solera system, before continuing its maturation for almost one year in a continental climate. Particularly expressive, the initial nose immediately sets the tone for a tasting whose golden rule is harmony. A succession of strong emotions and more peaceful sequences, the palette of flavours and aromas is also exuberant, medicinal, heady and even exotic when required.

Profile: the unctuous initial nose is characterized by coconut, apricot and candied orange. Floral (hyacinth), it becomes honeyed, spicy and milky (almond) once allowed to breathe. The silky attack is fruity (orange), vanilla and also spicy (ginger). The mid-palate is heady (tuberose) and exotic (guava). The rich finish wavers between tobacco, florals and spice. With lots of exoticism, the mouthfeel gradually becomes powdery (cocoa). Limited edition of 1,083 bottles.

Exclusive to LMDW.

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THE LINE Inspired by the rich history of the transatlantic crossings of rum casks, the transcontinental rum line range aims to highlight the typicity and diversity of the world’s best provenances for rum. Selected by the expert team of la maison du whisky, these bottlings offer consumers great transparency on order the let the genuine quality of the rums shine. All the details concerning the distillation and aging of the products are clearly stated on the labels, making them great educational tools. With over 40 references coming from 12 different countries, the transcontinental rum line range has become a reference in terms of diversity and accessibility.

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