This profoundly peat-infused single malt is crafted to illustrate that the choice of ingredients and distillation techniques can yield a youthful whisky of unparalleled quality, surpassing even those revered solely for their aging process. Aged gracefully within ex-American whiskey barrels for a duration of five years, it exudes an aura of sophistication, imbued with smoky and sweet nuances. Within its complex profile, one may discern hints of luscious toffee, earthy peat, velvety fudge, tropical coconut, and delicate rose petal notes.

The Octomore 9 series has been christened “dialogos” (a term harkening to ancient Greek, signifying dialogue) in homage to the whisky’s remarkable capacity to stimulate discourse and contemplation among connoisseurs of this liquid art.

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Tasting Notes

: Enveloping the senses are the intertwined essences of smoldering oak, a profound sweetness drawn from the cask, subtle undertones of vanilla, and the tantalizing allure of cinder toffee. The smoke, akin to a rich, velvety tapestry, carries with it a vegetal and earthy quality, interwoven with the enigmatic presence of peat.

Palate : Gently caressing the palate with a distinct absence of aggression, this elixir reveals its inner treasures. A symphony of nutty notes harmonizes with the luxurious depths of fudge and nougat. Amidst this opulent ensemble, delicate whispers of coconut and the ethereal essence of rose petals emerge.

Finish : A protracted denouement, where the lingering embrace of peat prevails. Hints of treacle grace the senses, evoking memories of warm sands and the kiss of salt on the breeze.

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