NUSBAUMER Kirsch de Chatel Morel Conquête


This brandy is made from wild and sour cherries known as Chatel Morel or Morello cherries from the North. From Morello cherry (or Prunus cerasu), it is an appellation which means sour in reference to the acid flavor of its fruit. After a natural fermentation of 5 weeks, the stones are removed then the fruits are distilled in an artisanal and traditional way in one of the four small copper stills from Nusbaumer. This eau-de-vie is then aged in a stainless steel barrel for many years to obtain this unique acidity and intensity. At the end of this very long aging, a reduction to 45 ° with mountain spring water is carried out. This water which crosses a purple schist subsoil is of great purity and gives it a singular force. For Joseph Nusbaumer “Distiller, it is to extract the soul from the fruit ”. Located in Alsace in the heart of the Val de Villé, the Jos Nusbaumer distillery succeeds in the purest tradition of the country in expressing the richness of its terroir and its fruits through this unique brandy. Being the subject of special attention, this vintage is presented in a “Renaissance” bottle of an antique-red hue which protects it perfectly from light. Produced in very small series, the wax of a beautiful intense color is made by hand in the Nusbaumer workshop.

This exceptional aged and elaborated eau-de-vie has a finesse and a persistence in the mouth which deserve all the superlatives.

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Color: colorless
Nose: superb very intense nose. The fruit appears beautifully and we find clearly the notes of wild sour cherries
Palate: A real wild cherry lace of rare elegance. Very fine, complex and dynamic
Finish: very long finish where the delicate bitterness given by the stone remains

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