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In 1838, the Harel brothers decided to found a company dedicated to developing sugar production in the north of Mauritius. In the same year, they acquired the Belle Vue sugar plantation. In 2005, in partnership with the Quartier Français group, Grays Distilling launched the production and commercialization of rum, including the traditional old rum New Grove. Aged in a Limousin oak cask, this deliciously tannic version shows a maturity of expression found not only throughout the tasting but in every note that sculpts the exuberant and generous palette of flavours and aromas.
Profile: the unctuous first nose is chocolatey, fruity (bitter orange), floral (hyacinth) and syrupy (warm cane sugar). Allowed to breathe, it becomes exotic (mango, guava) and spicy (black pepper). The clean attack is very different from the nose. Medicinal (ointment), camphoric and hot (Espelette pepper), it then moves into fruit (mango, banana). The mid-palate wavers between spices (clove), bourbon vanilla and precious wood (beeswax). Rose petal and geranium flower cover the smooth palette of flavours at the start of the finish. The finish reveals new fruits (pear, apple), burnt wood and heather honey.

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Appearance : orangey copper with glints of green.
Nose : refined, smooth. A combination of chocolate and bitter orange, the first nose also reveals notes of heady florals (hyacinth, carnation) and warm cane sugar. Allowed to breathe, it becomes beautifully exotic (mango, banana, guava) and spicy (black pepper, cinnamon). With time, apricot coulis, quince jelly and liquorice stick bring lots of nobility to the aromatic palette.
Palate : clear, lively. Very unlike the nose, the attack is at first medicinal (ointment, mustard grain), camphoric and hot (Espelette pepper). Fruit then arrives (mango, guava, flambéed banana, apricot, orange). The mid-palate wavers between spices (clove, nutmeg, star anise), bourbon vanilla and precious wood (beeswax, varnish). At the end of the palate, nuts (walnut, almond, chestnut) provide a very fitting reply to mentholated, oily and liquorice (zan liquorice sweets) flavours.
Overall : long, smooth. At the start of the finish, rose petal and geranium flower cover the flavour palette in a heady mantle. Continuing on, numerous fruits (banana, mango, orange), and also juicy apples and pears, refresh the end of the finish. On the retro-nasal olfaction, burnt wood, candied apricot and heather honey accentuate the empyreumatic character of this New Grove. The empty glass is roasted (coffee, tobacco), liquorice, vegetal (oak, dried leaf) and deliciously caramelized (wedding cake).

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