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The smallest distillery in Martinique, Neisson, is similar to a kaleidoscope of green and pink houses that seem to have wanted to imitate the lush surrounding vegetation. Since 1932, three generations have succeeded at the Neisson distillery, preserving a know-how from the greatest Martinique tradition. Grégory Vernant-Neisson, a young 40-year-old from the lineage at the head of the distillery, explains about his rum which benefits from the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée Rhum Agricole Martinique: “The first thing to know about Martinique rum is that it is made from sugar cane juice directly, and not from molasses.” Behind the Neisson philosophy, particular attention is paid to the terroir value. Because Martinique, with its climate and volcanic soil, stamps the aromatic palette of Neisson rums with particular flavors.

Located in Carbet, the Neisson distillery was created in 1932. It is one of the last family distilleries in Martinique. Today, it is run by Claudine Vernant-Neisson and her son Grégory. Distilled in the magnificent Savalle column of the domain, this six-year-old version is right at the crossroads between youth and maturity of expression. Indeed, revealing at times fragrances and flavors of freshly pressed sugar cane juice, it demonstrates at other moments an aromatic and gustatory complexity that is not inferior to rums much older. However, elevating balance to an art form, it refuses to burn stages to better highlight the work of the women and men who gave it birth.

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Tasting Notes

: Fine, precise. Delightfully mentholed and herbaceous (lemon verbena, sage), the first nose quickly evolves into slightly medicinal (arnica), juicy (fresh pressed cane juice), floral (linden, white lilac) and exotic (pineapple, mango) notes. Very concentrated, as it aerates, it comes closer to raw sugar cane. Magnificent. Sweet spices (cinnamon, ginger) also come into play. Becoming increasingly floral (lily of the valley, peony, honeysuckle), the aromatic palette is punctuated by saffron, vanilla, and herbaceous notes of great distinction.

Palate : Straightforward, determined. The attack on the palate clearly lays out the debates: sugar cane and cane sugar reign supreme. To the point that one can literally see a field of sugar cane and sugar cane juice emerging from the press in the glass. Exotic (kaffir lime, passion fruit), the mid-palate is marked by notes of fresh tobacco, roasted nuts, iris, vanilla and coconut. In the finish, cane syrup spreads over the palate.

Finish : Long, indulgent. At the beginning of the finish, between a vanilla flan, a lime tart, a Normandy tart and an pineapple crumble, it’s cruel to have to choose which of these desserts comes out on top. At the very end of the palate, powdered cocoa mixed with dried fruits (date, fig) tastefully covers the aromatic palette. Fragrances of blooming geranium and flavors of vine peaches and bourbon vanilla light up a retro-olfaction full of freshness. The empty glass reveals notes of Havana, flambéed banana, coriander and coffee.

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