NEISSON Rhum Vieux Bio 52.3%


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The Neisson distillery began converting its land to organic agriculture in 2013. Three years later it produced the first AOC Martinique organic rum. Distilled on 10 November 2016, this organic old rum was bottled on 13 November 2019 before being certified a week later. After three years of maturation, of the initial 400 litres, 350 were bottled at the cask strength of 53.1%. Also in 2019, the distillery was named “Green Caribbean Distillery” of the year. Further developing its organic approach, following years of research, the distillery now uses its own strains of native yeast selected plot-by-plot to ensure fermentation remains in perfect harmony with the terroir’s ecosystem.

Profile: the clean first nose reveals remarkable herbaceous (chlorophyll, mint) and juicy (sugarcane juice) freshness. Allowed to breathe, the aromatic palette becomes vanilla and spicy (cinnamon). Next, exotic fruits (mango) and white fruits (pear) bring lots of energy. The elegant and natural attack recreates incredibly delicate flavours of sugarcane juice and fresh cane. On the mid-palate, pineapple and persimmon transcend the exotic character of the flavour palette. Increasingly heady (iris butter), it moves continually closer to the sugar cane. The intense start of the finish is then extremely fruity (mango, apricot) and spicy (clove, star anise). Citrus fruits (lime, citrus fruit zest) then highlight the lively and wonderfully tangy character of the end of the finish.

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Appearance : burnished gold with copper tinges.
Nose : clean, refined. With an incredibly fresh expression, the first nose wavers between aromas of chlorophyll, mint and cane juice. Allowed to breathe, a wonderfully vanilla and spicy (cinnamon) sequence provides a perfectly timed, creamy transition. Next, exotic fruits (mango, guava) and white fruits (pear, peach) bring lots of exoticism and energy. Increasingly floral (honeysuckle, rose poivrée) and magnificently expressive, the aromatic palette reveals fields of sugar cane stretching into the distance.
Palate : lively, elegant. The very natural attack recreates extremely delicate flavours of sugarcane juice and fresh cane. Transcending the exotic character of the aromatic palette (pineapple, persimmon), the mid-palate is also nobly woody (wax, oak) and spicy (saffron, nutmeg). The flavour palette gradually takes on heady tones of rare intensity (iris butter, geranium blossom). Staying close to the sugar cane, the end of the palate is coated in freshly pressed cane sugar.
Overall : long, intense. The start of the finish is then dazzlingly fruity (mango, pear, apricot, kaffir lime). Likewise, clove, star anise and pink peppercorn add to the already rich spicy register. Equipped with remarkable acidity, the end of the finish reveals flavours of lime and orange zest. Floral (peony, lilac), vanilla and fruity (wild peach), the retro-nasal olfaction boasts impressive length. The empty glass is empyreumatic (glambéed banana), vegetal (tobacco) and roasted (coffee, mocha).

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