MOSSTOWIE 45 ans 1973 30th Anniversary S.V


In 1964, Miltonduff distillery, then owned by Hiram Walker, was equipped with two Lomond stills so that it could produce a second single malt called Mosstowie. These two stills were dismantled in 1981. Distilled on 30 May 1973, this energetic version with its vibrant youthful spirit enthusiastically proves that time has no hold over it. At every key moment in the tasting, it finds a new energy so that we are kept permanently on tenterhooks. Among other things, it shows lots of rigour, precision and conviction in the development of its flavour and aroma palette, moving from a fresh, mineral character to medicinal then sweet notes.
Profile: the complex initial nose is lemony, herbaceous, vanilla and fruity (grape, pear). The mineral mid-palate is spicy and medicinal. The lively attack wonderfully summarizes the aromatic palette. The mid-palate becomes considerably sweeter (toffee). The long finish is full of power, malt and stunning finesse. Single Cask no. 7622 – Sherry Butt. Exclusive to LMDW.

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Tasting Notes

Nose : complex, fresh. Combining lime, vanilla, cut grass and ripe fruit (grape, pear), the initial nose is simply sublime. It is very mineral (chalk) and luminous, and constantly forges ahead. Allowed to breathe, its spicy character gradually gains the upper hand (coriander, clove). Bit by bit, its spices are then erased to make way for medicinal notes (camphor, balm, mustard poultice).

Palate : lively, clear. On the attack, notes of vanilla, cut grass and mustard poultice wonderfully summarize the aromatic palette. For its part, the mid-palate is considerably sweeter (salted butter caramel, toffee) and increases the feeling of vegetal freshness that pervades the taste buds. At the end of the palate, fig, walnut, star anise and grapefruit form an inspired and resolutely future-facing quartet.

Overall : long, serene. A sensation of power unheralded by the palate emanates from the finish. Notes of malted barley, alfalfa and black pepper sketch the contours of a minimalist architecture that wonderfully supports the very end of the palate. On the retronasal olfaction, courgette flowers and bourbon vanilla highlight the gentle bitterness and generosity shown by the flavour palette. The empty glass is spicy (aniseed, clove), creamy (almond) and luscious.

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