Speyside Single Malt – 43%, 70cl
Small Batch of 8 casks – First Fill Bourbon Barrel
Limited Edition of 2678 bottles – LMDW Exclusive
Famed for its robust and oily character, the single malt produced by Miltonduff is used in large part in the composition of Ballantine’s famous blended scotch. From 1964 to 1981, the distillery was equipped with two Lomond stills for the production of a very rare second single malt, Mosstowie. Particularly complex and rich, note after note this bottling passionately performs an aromatic and gustatory score that wonderfully reproduces Miltonduff’s sweet maltiness and fruitiness. Additionally, with extraordinary force of character, it charmingly asserts its very original and hot personality as the tasting goes on.

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Colour: vibrant gold.

Palate: rich and unctuous. The beautiful vanilla first nose is also extremely fruity (pear, apple). Allowed to breathe, it becomes exotic (banana, passion fruit) medicinal (ointment) and spicy (Cayenne pepper, black pepper). Note that this increase in power takes place very naturally. With time, aromatic plants (rosemary, verbena) appear alongside sublime fragrances of honeysuckle and spearmint.

Palate: powerful, assertive. The attack focuses first on medicinal notes (mustard poultice, ointment). Gradually, acacia honey and William’s pear then bring more sweetness and juice to the particularly slender mid-palate. The deliciously cocoa end of the palate also allows notes of malted barley and porridge to break through. At the same time, at the top of the palate, a variety of ointments feed the flavour palette’s medicinal character.

Finish: long, well-balanced. The very rich (vanilla flan, apple tart) start of the finish is also herbaceous (cut hay, flax) and floral (lavender). Tobacco and spices (clove, nutmeg) then erupt onto the very end of the palate. On the retro-nasal olfaction, very ripe banana and black fruits (blackcurrant, bramble) make for an elixir of youth that directs the tasting towards new lands. The empty glass is intensely floral (rose, carnation, peony), honeyed (lime blossom) and mentholated.

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