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Mhoba rum, with its Jamaican “funky” spirit, is made from pure fresh Nkomazi cane juice grown at the Mhoba Sugar Estate in South Africa. Strand’s 101 is a blend of Select Reserve Glass Cask Rum and Pot Stilled High Ester White Rum. The result is a wonderful balance of charred American oak with caramelized, smoky and vanilla notes with a naturally sweet and bold rum.

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Nose : Bright vibrant cane. Very pungent. Acetone. Varnish. Earthy root vegetables. Menthol. Herbal and perfumed. A hint of oak influence excerpts itself with a whiff of smoke. A lot of fermented fruit and wild strawberries carry through on the nose. It remains astringent and pungent with crisp green apples.
Palate : Beautifully sweet and oily entry accompanied by a lot of heat. The bite of a youthful spirit rules the early exchanges with fresh sugarcane, fermenting tropical fruit and cider. A lot of funk. On the mid palate the aged component begins to envelop your tongue and becomes quite tannic, drying out your palate.
Overall : This leaves a medium length finish that develops from tinned fruit with fresh cream through coffee, an oaken influence and then into a warming peppery finale. Good balance of youth and maturity.

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