MHOBA 2017 Rare Cask LMDW Edition Antipodes


Created in 2015 near the village of Malelane in South Africa, the Mhoba distillery is named after the Siswati word for sugarcane. Equipped with pot stills built by founder Robert Greaves, it produces ester-rich rums with long fermentations that can last between one and three weeks in small 1,000-litre tanks from the Nkomazi variety of cane. Matured for four years in bourbon casks, this version then spent a year in a French oak barrel previously used for a wine from the prestigious South African vineyard Vrede en Lust. Interlinked by smooth notes of vanilla, the three stages in the palette of aromas and flavours found on this 2017 single cask are each a world in their own right.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Vibrant golden yellow.

Nose : Full-bodied, heady. Revealing aromas of rubber, mustard seed, dark chocolate and fresh cane juice, the first nose is particularly dense. Allowed to breathe, the aroma palette moves into a more vanilla and oxidative (curry, Jura vin jaune) register. Gradually, fragrances of very ripe banana reinforce the nose’s exotic character.

Palate : Lively, resolute. At once vegetal (sugar cane) and unctuous (cane sugar), the attack is vanilla. On the mid-palate, flavours of roasted apple and Chelsea bun coat the taste buds with finesse. The dense end of the palate is floral (iris), spicy (star anise) and roasted. At the end of the palate, chocolatey cane sugar quickly takes the taster to the finish.

Finish : Long, full. At first, cocoa beans and grains of rice play the leading roles in an especially rich start to the finish. Then notes of pipe tobacco and sugar cane highlight the wonderfully vegetal character of the flavour palette. For its part, the retro-nasal olfaction is like a vanilla and coconut dessert. The empty glass is camphoric, woody and musky.

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