MARS 2014 Komagatake Shinshu Aging 61%


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Distilled and matured in Shinshu, in the north of Japan, in a first-fill bourbon cask, the aromas found in this version reveal lots of maturity, much likes its sweet character, which is reminiscent of a very good Loupiac. In terms of flavours, although malted barley immediately marks its territory, this is only in order to venture to more faraway lands, and, more specifically, Kentucky. Once filled with the milky and nobly woody flavours of bourbon whiskey, it gallops back to a field of barley with even more energy than before.

Profile: the concentrated first nose is exotic (pineapple), vanilla, herbaceous (hay bale) and spicy (nutmeg). Allowed to breathe, vanilla becomes more present and tiger balm enters the mix. It becomes increasingly fruity (pear, apple) and honeyed (acacia). The creamy attack is malty and delicately liquorice. Strong spices (nutmeg) and sweet spices (cumin) shower the taste buds. The palate is reminiscent of pancake. The long finish is deliciously honeyed (lavender) and malty. The fruits found on the nose return in force.

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Appearance : deep gold.
Nose : rich, concentrated. The very exotic (pineapple, banana) first nose is also vanilla, herbaceous (hay bale) and spicy (pepper, nutmeg). Allowed to breathe, vanilla becomes more present and tiger balm replaces the spices. Lingering on, ripe fruits (William’s pear, Golden Delicious apple) and acacia honey flesh out the sweet and fruity character of the aromatic palette. Very mature, it then becomes increasingly rich (rum baba), roasted (coffee) and vegetal (tobacco).
Palate : firm yet creamy. On the attack, a very delicately liquorice malted barley criss-crosses the palate. Gradually, strong spices (nutmeg, clove) and other sweet spices (cinnamon, cumin) shower the taste buds. Drawn to the world of sweets, the mid-palate is milky (coconut, walnut), preciously woody (polish, wax) and camphoric. Pancake and maple syrup then take us deeper into the North-American continent.
Overall : long, dense. Superbly honeyed (lavender) and mentholated, the start of the finish is also very malty. The same William’s pears and Golden Delicious apples then take us back to the fruity aromatic palette. The very end of the palate is filled with spices (cinnamon, ginger, green liquorice). The milky and vanilla retro-nasal olfaction fervently evokes a delicious vanilla flan. Peanut notes. The empty glass is floral (hyacinth), fermentary (washtun) and roasted (coffee, mocha).

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