LONG POND STC@E White Habitation Velier


With a fairly high ester content of 550 to 700 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol, this cuvée, christened STCE, is one of the many marks produced by the Long Pond distillery. The very uneven relief of the flavour and aroma palette of this Habitation Velier perfectly brings out the elegant and powerful character of a very natural spirit. The contrast between the energy of its medicinal notes and the body of its fruit is in this respect resoundingly frank.

Profile: the clear initial nose is spicy (clove) and medicinal (camphor). Allowed to breathe, it becomes vanilla, lemony and mentholated. The dynamic attack is then medicinal. The very fruity (pear, peach) mid-palate is remarkably well-balanced. The deep finish is juicy (pear), spicy and floral (orange tree). Gradually, cane sugar spreads across the taste buds.

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Appearance : clear.
Nose : lively, clear. At first particularly spicy (clove, nutmeg), the initial nose quickly becomes medicinal (ointment, camphor). This very striking introduction sets the tone for the tasting. Allowed to breathe, it develops notes of vanilla, coconut milk, lime and white mint. Gradually, vanilla pod and fresh walnut bring it even more flesh and substance. The heady aromatic palette is punctuated by vetiver, clove and iris.
Palate : sharp, dynamic. Amplifying the medicinal character of the nose, the attack is very slender. Coconut milk and vanilla successfully commit to bringing a certain unctuousness. The very fruity (pear, peach, Mirabelle plum) mid-palate is extremely juicy. In its own way, it restores balance to the flavour palette. The end of the palate is nobly spicy (saffron, cinnamon), liquorice and chocolatey (cocoa bean).
Overall : long, deep. Very dense, almost fleshy, the finish invites us to bite into the juicy pears and peaches revealed on the mid-palate. Next, curry, tobacco leaves and orange blossom coat the taste buds. The very end of the palate is characterized by notes of candied lemon, grapefruit and freshly cut sugarcane. The retronasal olfaction bursts with cane sugar. Whilst revealing artichoke heart, the empty glass is at once floral (geranium) and exotic (lychee).

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