LONG POND 2005 Cambridge


Belonging to the STCE category (Simon Thomson Cambridge Estate), this Long Pond, aged entirely in a tropical climate in bourbon barrels, displays an ester content ranging from 550 to 700 grams per hectoliter of pure alcohol.

Under the influence of the perfumes and flavors of its youthful prime, imbued with empyreumatic and medicinal tones, its aromatic and gustatory palette has over the years adorned itself with exotic, vanilla, and powdery nuances, reminiscent of its cocoa-scented retro-olfaction.

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Tasting Notes

: Old gold with coppery reflections.

Nose : Fine, refined. A marvel of balance, the nose is at once apricot-like, mineral, empyreumatic (hydrocarbons), vanilla, exotic (mango), camphorated, roasted (coffee), chocolatey, rooty (ginger), spicy (Cayenne), woody (sandalwood), spiced (cardamom), floral (honeysuckle).

Palate : Both lively and full-bodied. With a delicate touch, the palate replicates almost precisely the mineral, empyreumatic, and spicy character of the nose. The mid-palate, meanwhile, asserts its fruity (apricot, mango), vanilla, and finely woody notes.

Finish : Long, rich. At the outset of the finish, flavors of sugarcane, molasses, and geranium honey soften the palate. Velvety, the aftertaste is marked by notes of salted butter caramel and toffee.

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