LEDAIG 11 YO 2007 Burgundy Wine Finish COLLECTIVE 2.0 57.1%


Just as complex as the Ledaig 2010 Artist Collective found in our 2018 Collection catalogue, this version, which has been aged in ex-Burgundy casks, is unquestionably more peaty and smoky. Not that anyone will be complaining, least of all fans of the empyreumatic whiskies of the Scottish Hebrides. Thanks to the perfectly mastered Burgundy finish, which brings lots of maturity to the palette of aromas and flavours, this intensely phenolic character takes its place with complete decorum.

Profile: the refined initial nose is covered in a thin layer of incense and ash. Allowed to breathe, a dry peat is accompanied by spices (nutmeg). The attack on the palate is smoky and salty. It then becomes medicinal, spicy and fruity (pear). On the finish, peat now takes up almost the entire palette of flavours. Nonetheless, aromatic plants, exotic fruits and citrus fruits bring lots of nuance.

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  • Appearance : vibrant gold.
  • Nose : fine, spiritual. A thin layer of incense and ash begin by flooding the aromatic palette. Behind this, malted barley shines with herbaceous freshness. Allowed to breathe, a more dry peat is accompanied by spices (clove, nutmeg) and citrus fruits (grapefruit). Gradually the air is saturated with smoke and phenolic notes (fine hail, tarmac).
  • Palate : direct, lively. On the attack, the smoke and salty notes (kelp, seaweed) have gained the upper hand. This is followed by a deeply liquorice and medicinal sequence (camphor, mustard poultice). The very taught mid-palate is spicy (clove, star anise), fruity (pear, yellow plum) and slightly chocolatey. The end of the palate displays a very pleasant herbaceous freshness (white peppermint).
  • Overall : long, firm. Inundated with mineral salts, the peat now takes up almost the entire palette of flavours. And yet it allows citrus fruits (lemon), aromatic plants (verbena, sage), and exotic fruits (pineapple, banana) to add their own nuance to the very end of the palate. The retronasal olfaction is characterized by notes of coconut milk and bitter almond. The empty glass is intensely smoky.

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