KNAPPOGUE CASTLE 1996 Ex Libris The Remarkable Rocket


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The younger brother of the triptych dedicated to Knappogue Castle found in our Ex Libris range, this 1996 vintage is particularly rich and concentrated. Revealing a very Irish fruity exoticism on both the nose and the palate, at times it takes vanilla, spicy, almost medicinal and buttery (peanut) paths that would normally be the prerogative of bourbon.

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Appearance : greenish gold.
Nose : refined, lively. On the first nose, notes of ripe fruits (pear, apple), almond milk, green walnut and vanilla play equal roles. This deep harmony creates an incredibly delicate mentholated and herbaceous (hay) register. Allowed to breathe, candied citrus fruit (lemon, orange), iris butter and spices (pepper, cinnamon) bring lots of energy to the aroma palette.
Palate : clean, taut. The vanilla and creamy (coconut) attack is also deliciously lemony. Notes of meringue and toffee then intertwine with the first flavours of the palate. The mid-palate is monopolized by ripe fruits (pear, peach, Mirabelle plum) and aromatic plants (sage, sorrel). Grains of green and malted barley harmoniously appear alongside one another at the end of the palate.
Overall : serene, balanced. The gently chocolate start of the finish also reveals notes of wicker, bulrush and bamboo. The fibrous mouthfeel is constantly refreshed by almond milk, acacia honey and mint cordial. Red fruits and beans bring lots of tone to the retro-nasal olfaction. The empty glass is rich (vanilla flan), spicy (cinnamon, ginger) and malty.

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