KILCHOMAN 9-year-old 2011 by George Wills French Connections 56.5%


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Family Cask Collection Sherry Hogshead Single Cask Selected by George Wills

Produced from peated barley (50 ppm) from the Port Ellen maltings, this version aged in a sherry hogshead was distilled on 26 January 2011. It was selected by Anthony and Kathy Wills’ eldest son, George. With truly exceptional finesse and complexity, the aromatic palette continually extends the length of the tasting. The sherry and peat have reached such harmony that we are brought to our knees in admiration of their complicity. And what about the flavour palette, which reveals a constantly moving peat which brings out incredibly rich exotic, spicy, medicinal, chocolate and floral notes? If we had to describe this Kilchoman in just two words they would be stately magnificence.
Profile: the distinguished first nose is characterized by notes of beeswax, exotic fruits (mango) and bitter orange. These are accompanied by grains of salt, camphor, a delicate smoke and a very refined peat. Allowed to breathe, it becomes spicy (candied ginger) and floral (iris). The dynamic attack returns to the spicy and medicinal character of the nose. On the mid-palate, a chocolate and intensely smoky peat takes things in hand. It nonetheless allows the expression of a very complex fruity register (apricot, chestnut, hazelnut). The rich finish is jammy, exotic (mango) and unctuously peaty. The retro-nasal olfaction reveals curry and grated ginger.

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Appearance : topaz with copper hues.
Nose : elegant, distinguished. The absolutely magnificent first nose is characterized by notes of beeswax, apricot stone, exotic fruits (mango, persimmon) and bitter orange. These are accompanied of course by a delicate smoke, walnut husk, grains of salt, camphor and a very delicate peat. Allowed to breathe, it develops spice (candied ginger), roasted notes (coffee, tea), bourbon vanilla, precious wood (oak stave, antique furniture) and floral notes (iris, rose).
Palate : lively, dynamic. On the attack, spice (clove, ginger, nutmeg) and more medicinal tones (arnica, mustard seed) perfectly interpret the illuminative role they are given. On the mid-palate, a chocolate, liquorice and intensely smoky peat takes things in hand. Altruistic, it nonetheless allows free expression of a wonderfully eloquent fruity register (mango, orange, apricot, almond, chestnut, hazelnut). The end of the palate has a remarkably velvety, almost fleshy texture.
Overall : long, rich. Wonderfully reunited, the peat and sherry continually reinvent their influence on the tasting. Led by the desire to bring as much distinction and elegance as possible to the palette of flavours, the finish lingers on notes of rose petal, apricot jam, very ripe mango and juicy orange. All of these flavours are placed on a chocolate, iodine and vegetal (tobacco, mushroom) peat. The powdery retro-nasal olfaction is spicy (curry, grated ginger). The empty glass is malty, peaty, smoky, fruity (date, fig) and unctuous (toffee).

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