KILCHOMAN 6 ans 2016 Rum Barrel Single Cask Antipodes


Colour: pale gold.

Nose: rich, powerful. On the first nose, the rum’s influence is particularly clear. Fragrances of sugar cane and cane sugar cane float joyfully in the air. Allowed to breathe, peat beats a stony, iodine and lemony path to the front of the stage. From then on, the two warring parties coexist in great harmony.

Palate: refined, lively. The attack is equipped with a pleasant creaminess (an influence from the rum) and is also delicately peaty, smoky and lemony. The rich mid-palate gives way to an oilier and richer peat that is fully incorporated into an increasingly empyreumatic development (sleet, burnt wood). The end of the palate is at once acrid (smoke) and gently bitter (gentian).

Finish: long, minimalist. At the start of the finish, the Kilchoman style is resplendent. Leaving behind everything inessential, the flavour palette is herbaceous, smoky, ashy and crisp (barley grain). Refreshed with notes of lemon and white mint, the end of the palate unveils flavours of a rooty and saline peat. The bright retro-nasal olfaction covers the sides of the palate in peppercorns and fleur de sel. The empty glass evokes blocks of peat drying in the sun.

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Produced with the same barley than the 5 year old version, this Kilchoman matured in a cask previously used for a Caroni rum reveals a deep complicity between grain and sugar cane. On the nose, peat beats a path through fields of sugar cane. On the palate, this increasingly earthy and empyreumatic bottling allows a few petrol notes to remain, immediately bringing to mind the oh-so unique character of this Trinidad & Tobago rum.

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