KILCHOMAN 5 ans 2017 Cognac Hogshead Single Cask Antipodes


Colour: greenish gold.

Nose: rich, full. The invigorating first nose stages a herbaceous, salty, fruity (pear, apple) and floral (hyacinth, carnation) peat. The spherical nose beams for the finesse of its expression. Allowed to breathe, notes of sleet and smoked fish take up the heart of the aroma palette. Then, like the peat which is becoming more powerful, the fruity register becomes increasingly dense and exotic (roasted pineapple, banana).

Palate: lively, clean. With huge structure, the attack is characterised by absolutely delicious flavours of pressed lemon and dried peat. The chocolatey and roasted (coffee) mid-palate is imbued with a pleasant liquorice softness (liquorice stick). At the end of the finish, notes of grist and porridge add a touch of fermentation to the flavour palette.

Finish: long, dense. Particularly ashy and empyreumatic (papier d’Arménie, eucalyptus), medicinal (ointment) and milky (agave), th start of the finish alone is the perfect definition of this superb island single malt. With a wonderful fruity freshness (pear, medlar, fig), the end of the finish is herbaceous (tarragon). Taking a very different track, the retro-nasal olfaction is unctuously vanilla. Overflowing with naturalness, the empty glass is peaty/smoky and malty.

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Produced with barley malted and peated (50 ppm) at the Port Ellen maltings, this version matured in a cask previously used for a Maison Ferrand cognac shows Kilchoman in an extremely empyreumatic light. Although on the nose incredibly diverse fruity notes initially rival the peat in intensity, the latter then takes complete control on the palate. Along the way, it takes on particularly becoming lemony, liquorice, medicinal and malty trappings.

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