KILCHOMAN 14-year-old 2006 by Anthony Wills French Connections 53.3%


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Family Cask Collection Bourbon Barrel Single Cask Selected by Anthony Wills

The Kilchoman distillery opened in June 2005 and the first barrel was filled on 15 December of the same year. Produced from malted barley (50 ppm) from the Port Ellen maltings, this 14-year-old version distilled on 20 April 2006 takes us back to the beginnings of a history already rich in remarkable bottlings. Gracefully and honourably, it also pays tribute to Anthony Wills, the distillery founder. There is not a single wrinkle in the particularly inspired and expressive palette of aromas and flavours, quite the contrary. Over the tasting, a peat with all its wits about it remains firmly in centre-stage whilst allowing the expression of superb spicy, fruity and rustic notes. If we had to describe this Kilchoman in just two words they would be resplendent maturity.
Profile: the unctuous first nose stages an oily (smoked fish) and empyreumatic (diesel) peat. Allowed to breathe, sleet and candied fruit (pear) appear alongside medicinal (camphor), earthy and tertiary (fallen leaves) notes. The powerful attack sees blocks of peat crash against the palate. On the mid-palate, flavours of straw, citrus fruit (lemon) and smoke pay witness to the maturity of the flavour palette. The unctuous start of the finish is peaty, chocolate and salty. Red fruit (strawberry) and dried fruit (date) nuance the tasting. On the retro-nasal olfaction, smoke rings escape from a Havana cigar.

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Appearance : bright gold.
Nose : rich, unctuous. On the first nose, an oily (smoked fish) and empyreumatic (diesel, soot) peat takes centre-stage. Allowed to breathe, sleet, fresh walnut and candied fruits (pear, apple) appear alongside medicinal notes (tiger balm, camphor) and aromas of damp soil and undergrowth (fallen leaves, moss). This aromatic evolution pays witness to the stunning maturity of this Kilchoman that dates back to the genesis of the distillery.
Palate : powerful, lively. On the attack, like an eroding cliff, blocks of peat crash against the palate. As they fall they bring with them root ginger, mineral salts, seaweed and candied citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit). On the mid-palate, flavours of straw, wildflower (dandelion) and smoke (smoking cigars) bring a wonderful feeling of flourishment to the flavour palette. The end of the palate is liquorice and milky.
Overall : long, creamy. At the start of the finish a chocolate yet salty peat coats the taste buds. Gradually, almond syrup, red fruit (raspberry, strawberry), candied apricot and dried fruits (almond, date) nuance the tasting. On the retro-nasal olfaction, sweet spices (cinnamon, ginger) and vanilla accompany smoke rings escaping from a Havana cigar. The empty glass is floral (peony), resinous (pine), malty, spiritual (incense) musky and spicy (star anise).

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