KILCHOMAN 13 ans 2007 Bourbon Barrel Single Cask Conquête


Produced from barley malted and peated (50 ppm) at the Port Ellen malting floor, this Kilchoman bourbon cask is intensely peaty from start to finish. And every inch of the aroma and flavour palette where peat is not present is filled with smoky, medicinal, animal and salty notes. Aromas of hydrocarbon create a particularly expressive climax.

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Appearance : yellow gold.
Nose : full, powerful. On the first nose, a block of peat with impressive richness and presence floods the senses. Allowed to breathe, abundant smoke and medicinal (mustard seed), animal (smoke bacon), sooty and hydrocarbon (diesel) notes emphasize the phenolic character of the nose. At the same time, iris butter spreads its heady fragrances through the palette of aromas.
Palate : rich, dense. The rich (vanilla flan), oily and chocolate attack stages an oily, marine (seaweed) and salty peat. The mid-palate is both saturated with intense smoke and unctuous. The very animal (smoke fish, bresaola) end of the palate bursts with spice (clove, nutmeg) and medicinal (tiger balm), camphoric notes. Fans will appreciate the similarities to mezcal (agave).
Overall : long, smooth. At the start of the finish, grains of intensely smoky malted barley roll across the palate. At the same time, dark chocolate and gentian root magnify the absolutely delicious malty bitterness. It feels then as though we have begun a new tasting, but it is simply an illusion. On the retro-nasal olfaction, peat reigns unchallenged. The empty glass is more smoky, rooty and medicinal, and intensely malty.

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