KILCHOMAN 11 ans 2010 100% Islay Bourbon Barrel Single Cask Antipodes


Colour: pale gold.

Nose: fresh, subtle. The refreshingly herbaceous first nose (cut hay, lucerne) quickly develops aniseed and very lightly empyreumatic notes (tarmac, incense). Allowed to breathe, fresh and juicy fruits (pear, greengage plum, white currant) appear alongside delicate floral (lily of the valley, lilac) and exotic (lychee) aromas. Peat primarily stays in the background of the aroma palette.

Palate: dense, lively. The dynamic attack gives equal stead to flavours of rooty peat, malted barley, exotic fruits (pineapple, banana) and peppermint. The rich mid-palate ventures into deeply sophisticated vanilla and chocolate lands. More smoky (cigar) and ashy, the end of the palate also reveals enchanting jasmine flavours.

Finish: long, distinguished. The lemony, exotic (pineapple) and earthy start of the finish has an exquisitely grainy texture. The fine end of the finish (rice grain) is like a field of barley swept with a sea breeze. The salty retro-nasal olfaction allows glimpses of a minimalist peat. The empty glass is at once rooty (ginger, gentian), malty and chocolatey.

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Unlike the Kilchoman 100% Islay distilled in 2010 also featured in this creation catalogue, this version produced with barley malted and peated (50 ppm) at the Port Ellen maltings is unmistakably
built around peat aromas and flavours. Nonetheless staying deeply altruistic, it knows when to make itself scarce, however, to allow a full expression of the fruity, herbaceous, floral, honey
and milky tones that further highlights its empyreumatic, ashy, liquorice and medicinal character.

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