KILCHOMAN 10-year-old 2010 by Kathy Wills French Connections 54.2%


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Family Cask Collection Bourbon Barrel Single Cask Selected by Kathy Wills

Produced from a barley grown locally at the Rockside farm which is then malted and peated (20 ppm) at the distillery, this Kilchoman 10 year old, distilled on 28 May 2010, was selected by Kathy Wills, wife of Kilchoman’s founder Anthony Wills. Smoky, ashy, iodine and marine, this version always has the seaside in its sights. Covered in sea spray and evoking a platter of freshly caught seafood, it is also deliciously vanilla, fruity and lemony. In an incredibly delicate finish, the peat leaves a light imprint that brings out the underlying exoticism of the flavour palette. If we had to describe this Kilchoman in just two words they would be natural elegance.
Profile: the distinguished first nose wavers between smoke, tiger balm and iodine. It is also vanilla and lemony. Gradually, barley grains and coconut milk spill across the aromatic palette. The delicate attack is herbaceous (rosemary) and salty. On the mid-palate, incense notes appear alongside aromatic plants (sage). The refreshing (agave) start of the finish is aquatic (seaweed). Following the rhythm of the tides, it brings with it lots of different seafood. The extraordinarily delicate peat makes way for exotic fruit, citrus fruit and white florals.

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Appearance : very pale gold.
Nose : refined, distinguished. The smoky, medicinal (ointment, camphor) and marine first nose is characterized by notes of seafood, smoked fish, pressed lemon and vanilla. Allowed to breathe, it becomes floral (white lilac, lily of the valley) and fruity (pear, white peach). Gradually, malting barley grains and coconut milk flow over the entire aromatic palette.
Palate : lively, delicate. The particularly herbaceous (rosemary, barley) attack is also salty and iodine (sea spray). On the mid-palate, flavours of incense, ash and almond milk appear alongside a handful of essential oils (savory, rosemary, sage). It lingers on very pleasant notes of vanilla and condensed milk. With time, gentian and spices (black pepper, nutmeg) transcend the very end of the palate.
Overall : long, fresh. The very milky (agave, coconut) start of the finish is aquatic (seaweed, samphire). Following the rhythm of the tides, it brings with its lots of seafood. The peat shows extraordinary finesse. With confidence, it staggers through the flavour palette while allowing full expression of exotic fruits (pineapple, banana), citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit) and white florals. On the retro-nasal olfaction, green liquorice covers the taste buds. The empty glass is nobly spicy (saffron, clove) and vegetal (artichoke heart).

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