KAVALAN Wine Cask The Little Big book 59,4%


At Kavalan, the wash stills have a capacity of 12,000 litres and the spirit stills a capacity of 7,000 litres. During the second distillation, a large percentage of the foreshots and feints are removed to create a new make with a rich and complex aromatic profile. Aged in casks previously containing a wine from a very famous Bordeaux appellation, this version aged 6.5 years begins by revealing oaky essences of a rare nobility. Next, like porcini mushrooms rooted deep in the soil, it reveals a particularly mouth-watering salinity and freshness.
The refined initial nose is apricoty and spicy (nutmeg). Allowed to breathe, it becomes floral (peony), chocolatey and vinous (grape). The energetic attack is characterized by notes of forest floor (moss), black cherry and praline. The exotic mid-palate is dominated by a single fruit: melon. The long finish is remarkably fresh. Slightly earthy, it brings harvest times to mind (black grape).
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Appearance : pink copper.

Nose : refined, precise. The magnificent first nose wavers between eucalyptus, cedar, dried apricot and nutmeg. Allowed to breathe, it becomes floral (peony, carnation). Dark chocolate, pink peppercorn, melon and black grape flavours then bring lots of harmony to the aromatic palette. Later, oak and wax notes highlight the quality and noble expression of the wood. The red wine’s influence is nonetheless implicit.

Palate : clear, lively. The particularly elegant attack takes us to the forest floor (dried leaves, moss). Continuing on, dark fruits (grape, ripe cherry) and spices (ginger, cardamom) appear alongside incredibly rich praline and vanilla flavours. Then, on the mid-palate, melon makes a strong comeback. It is accompanied by mango and guava notes that add an exotic touch. The herbaceous end of the palate is characterized by gentian and rosemary.

Overall : long, balanced. Standing as one with the end of the palate, the start of the finish for a long time maintains the pleasant sensation of freshness emanating from the flavour palette. A fine note of earth also adds robustness. The very fruity retro-nasal olfaction takes us to harvest time, with Merlot grapes tumbling from the grape-pickers’ baskets. The empty glass is liquorice, roasted (tobacco) and heady (lime blossom, bay leaf).

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