KAVALAN Rum Cask French Connections 55.6%


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Kavalan’s small stills (12,000 litres for the wash stills and 7,000 litres for the spirit stills) produce a rich, unctuous and complex new make spirit. In our 2018 and 2019 Creation Catalogues, we invited you to discover two Kavalans in which malted barley and rum battled to reach the summit. This year, we invite you on a completely new adventure of flavours and aromas. This absolutely incredible version clearly brings to mind a major single malt from the north of Scotland, and, more specifically, Clynelish in its most accomplished expressions. Very pure, it flouts all constraints and influences in order to forge a unique, extremely complex, nuanced, lively and fresh personality.
Profile: the refreshing first nose is exotic (banana), milky (sweet almond) and spicy (ginger). Allowed to breathe, it reveals notes of citrus fruit, perfumed plants (sage) and vanilla. The aromatic palette is like a Scottish single malt from the Northern Highlands. The dynamic attack continues the salty, fruity and milky character of the nose. The mid-palate is intensely spicy (nutmeg, curry) before becoming more exotic (pineapple). The delicate start of the finish is characterized by notes of salted butter caramel and beeswax. At the end of the finish, malted barley decides to take centre-stage.

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Appearance : deep burnished gold.
Nose : fresh, well-balanced. On the first nose, aromas of ripe banana, sweet almond, ginger and toffee create a particularly complex and profound opening. Allowed to breathe, it reveals candied citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit), fresh walnut, aromatic plants (sage, verbena) and delicious vanilla. Like a beautiful coastal single malt from the northern Highlands of Scotland, it becomes salty and honeyed (acacia).
Palate : lively, dynamic. Continuing on precisely from the nose, the attack is salty, herbaceous (cut hay), fruity (pear, apple) and milky (coconut, almond). On the mid-palate, strong spices (black pepper, curry, nutmeg) offer a lively and determined relay. Characterized by walnut husk, cinnamon and exotic fruits (banana, pineapple), the end of the palate is also roasted (black tea, coffee), slightly buttery and rich (financier cake).
Overall : long, delicate. With impressive balance, the start of the finish reveals flavours of salted butter caramel, coconut milk and beeswax. The delicately mentholated flavour palette gradually moves into aniseed and spice (star anise, clove). Leaving a signature full of upstrokes and downstrokes, on the retro-nasal olfaction, malted barley decides to take centre-stage. The empty glass is at once medicinal, herbaceous (fennel, alfalfa) and vanilla.

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