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Reserved for the Taiwan market, the Kavalans produced from peated malt (10 ppm) are rare. Which is why we are all the more proud to introduce you to this magnificent bottling whose high point is a perfectly orchestrated complicity between the peat and all of its other ingredients. Throughout the tasting, peat and smoke influence the edge of the flavour and aroma palette, covering the taste buds in animal and even medicinal notes, whilst the centre of the palate is occupied by abundant fruit, incredible heady florals and wonderfully noble spices. Amazingly, these two closely linked universes never collide.
Profile: the full-bodied first nose is fruity (grape, prune), heady (heady), animal (bacon) and ashy (soot). Allowed to breathe, it becomes more powdery (cocoa) and spicy (ginger). Aromas of flambéed banana and lime punctuate the aromatic palette. The well-balanced and very smoky attack is rich (warm biscuit). The slender mid-palate is malty, animal (bresaola) and honeyed. The elegant start of the finish is profoundly herbaceous and fruity before moving into precious wood and noble spice. A true sweet treat, the retro-nasal olfaction is like a vanilla ice cream.

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Appearance : deep orangey copper.
Nose : full-bodied, deep. From black fruits (grape, prune, blackcurrant) to heady florals (peony, carnation), the first nose is empyreumatic (burnt wood, rubber), animal (bacon) and ashy (soot). Allowed to breathe, it becomes more powdery (cocoa bean, ground almond) and spicy (candied ginger). A new fruity sequence then begins (raspberry, strawberry). In the background, enveloping aromas of flambéed banana, candied lime and black liquorice create an ensemble of fragrances of rare concentration.
Palate : well-balanced, dense. The very smoky (bacon) attack is also rich (warm biscuit, crème brûlée). The slender mid-palate is intensely malty, animal (bresaola) and honeyed (lime blossom, heather). Gradually, notes of walnut husk constrict the taste buds, as mustard seed brings a delicately medicinal touch to the ensemble. The end of the palate is candied (clementine, orange) and herbaceous (mint, sage).
Overall : long, elegant. The start of the finish prolongs the fruity and herbaceous sensation of the palate. With time, this breaks apart to make way for a very noble expression of precious wood, curry and cardamom. With its notes of candy floss and vanilla ice cream, the retro-nasal olfaction is a pure sweet treat. The empty glass is then empyreumatic (black liquorice, tar, papier d’Arménie).

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