KARUKERA 2009 Single Cask Conquête


This cask strength version aged in an ex-cognac cask reveals truly astonishing freshness. Recreating the enveloping aromas of cane sugar on the aroma palette, it also reveals a particularly spicy and medicinal character. In the flavour palette, we are first invited to savour a delicious cane juice as we wait for the floral and fruity registers to take over.

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Appearance : burnished gold.
Nose : concentrated, lively. On the first nose, warm cane sugar appears alongside exotic fruits (banana, pineapple), apricot, beeswax and spices (clove, pepper). Allowed to breathe, it becomes more medicinal (ointment) and camphoric. Amber fragrances then fill the aroma palette. Much later, cinnamon and nutmeg marry incredibly well with green liquorice and blonde tobacco.
Palate : clean, balanced. On the attack, sugar cane spreads a refreshing juice across the tongue. On the mid-palate, a beautiful fibrous bitterness contracts the taste buds as cane sugar floods the palate with its heady flavours (rhododendron, bougainvillea). The end of the palate is deliciously smooth and fruity (kaffir lime, lime).
Overall : long, heady. The very fleshy start of the finish (hot cane sugar) is floral (iris, lily), vanilla and resinous (cypress, pine). Overflowing with vitality, the end of the finish returns to the exotic and medicinal character of the nose. Staying close to sugar cane, the retro-nasal olfaction is also floral (geranium), spicy (ginger, cinnamon) and fruity (pear, apple, bagasse). The empty glass releases notes of tobacco, tuberose and hollyhock.

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