JACK DANIEL’S Single Barrel Rye 45%


This historic Single Barrel Rye combines the smoothness of Jack Daniel’s with a special rye-led mash bill. It is bold and well-balanced, with ripe fruit, lightly toasted oak and a pleasing finish.

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With 74 warehouses holding 1.6 million casks, Jack Daniel’s is one of the largest distilleries in the world. But this is certainly not what gives this whiskey – commonly referred to as “Jack” – its unique character and distinctive flavours. Unlike its bourbon-producing cousins in Kentucky, Jack Daniel’s follows the Lincoln County Process, a unique procedure that involves filtering the distillate through a layer of maple charcoal before being put into barrels. This enables it to retain the heaviest elements of the spirit and favours the overall homogeneity of the distillate.

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