JACK DANIEL’S Scenes from Lynchburg Number 1


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Introducing this series, the 1st Scenes from Lynchburg bottle featured an image of the famous Jack Daniel statue found near the cave spring on the Distillery grounds. This statue was erected by Lem Motlow in 1941 as a tribute to Jack and stood at this location for nearly 60 years.

Bottle & packaging: This bottle does not comes with a box. In perfect condtion.
All photos featured are of the actual bottles. Any defects will be clearly photographed & mentioned.

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Jack Daniel’s is one of the largest distilleries in the world, with 74 aging warehouses containing 1.6 million barrels. However, it is not the size that gives “Jack” its unique character and distinct aromas. Unlike its Kentucky cousins that produce bourbon, Jack Daniel’s follows the Lincoln County Process, a unique process that involves passing the distillate through a layer of maple charcoal before it is aged in barrels. This helps to retain the heaviest elements and promotes the homogeneity of the distillate.

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