JACK DANIEL’S Single Barrel Full Bodied & Robust #5 LMDW anniversary Conquête


In the third episode of the saga dedicated to America’s most famous distilleries, this version named Full-Bodied & Robust shows Jack Daniel’s in a particularly heady and powerful light. Chilli, burnt wood, enveloping floral fragrances, a magnificent chocolate bitterness and notes of coal are the ingredients in a palette of aromas and flavours that also showcases the spirit’s sharp character.

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Appearance : deep orangey copper.
Nose : concentrated, powerful. Very hot (Espelette pepper, paprika), chocolatey and fruity (blood orange) and at the same time reproducing the aromas of an unctuous and cereal (maize) spirit, the first nose is voluptuous. Fans will also appreciate the notes of slightly burnt apricot tart found in the aroma palette. Others will be inspired by the superbly authentic powdery, waxy and floral notes (lavender, iris butter).
Palate : lively, heady. Picking up exactly where the nose left off, the attack brings an almost exact reproduction of iris butter. On the mid-palate, toffee, liquorice, coffee and gentian root highlight a beautifully chocolate and nobly woody bitterness. The end of the palate evokes a smooth and refreshing brown ale.
Overall : long, rich. Revealing notes of carrot cake, the start of the finish is a perfect summary of the nose and palate. The sharp end of the finish returns not only to the spirit but also to the ashy and sooty character of this iconic Tennessee whiskey. The retro-nasal olfaction takes us to the foot of the ample charcoal-filled filtration tanks. The empty glass is chocolatey (100%), spicy (ginger, cinnamon) and empyreumatic (varnish).

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