IMPERIAL Aged 25 Years ARTIST 10th Anniversary Edition S.V


Speyside Single Malt, 57%, 70cl — Single Cask # 50270, Hogshead Limited edition of 246 bottles — LMDW Exclusive

Golden yellow with hints of green

Elegant, distinguished. The absolutely magnificent first nose invites us to bite into a very juicy apple. A little after, beeswax gently envelops this first spectacular sequence of aromas. Allowed to breathe, the nose becomes medicinal (ointment), camphoric, herbaceous (alfalfa) and exotic (passion fruit, mango). Next, notes of malted barley, ginger and liquorice permeate through to the heart of the second sequence of aromas that is both sweet and invigorating. Further on, dried and candied fruits (lemon, almond, walnut, pear) infinitely draw out the breath-taking aromatic palette.

Rich, unctuous. The particularly delicious attack is chocolatey, nobly spicy (saffron) and milky (coconut, rice pudding). On the mid-palate, flavours of freshly cut grass bring lots of class to a palette of flavours that develops increasingly rich tones (quince jelly, Mirabelle plum tart). A great Vouvray sweet wine comes to mind. The very mineral (tuffeau stone, chalk) end of the palate reveals numerous fruits, including pear, flat peach and dessicated white grapes.

Long, stately. The very expressive start of the finish is like a thick mat of freshly malted barley grains topped with mild spices (cardamom, cumin), gentian, apricot tart and white flowers (lilac, lily of the valley). The creamy end of the finish offers us a delicious semolina cake. The mentholated retro-nasal olfaction reproduces the taste of a freshly harvested white peach with rare precision. The empty glass is lemony, malty, honeyed and spicy (clove, cinnamon).

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More often closed than producing, the Imperial distillery was founded in 1897 (the year of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee) by Thomas MacKenzie, the owner of Dailuaine and Talisker. It was demolished between 2013 and 2015. It was also during this period that the new distillery, Dalmunach, was opened on the same site. Tasting a single malt from a closed distillery is always a special moment in which emotions mix with history. This absolutely remarkable version is no exception to the rule. The very minimalist palette of flavours and aromas boasts impressive precision. Endlessly charming and beaming with life, it is with an ease that comes only to the greats that it imperially wanders the paths of Speyside, the region of its birth.

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