HELLYERS ROAD 19 ans 2003 Original American Oak Single cask Antipodes


Founded in 1999, the Hellyers Road distillery is equipped with a 40,000-litre wash still and 20,000-litre spirit still made from stainless steel on the bottom section (pot) and from copper at the top (head, neck, lyne arm). A very long distillation (24 hours) is used to collect a rich and creamy heart of the run. Beaming with maturity, this 19 year old bottling recreates the warm and unctuous style for which this Australian single malt is famous, proudly proclaiming its originality and exoticism.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Burnished gold.

Nose : Rich, full. A combination of beeswax, exotic fruit (guava, persimmon), malted barley and salted butter caramel, the first nose is impressively voluptuous. Allowed to breathe, chocolate and honey (lime blossom, bay leaf) fill the palette of aromas. Notes of incense, strong spices (clove, nutmeg) and flowers (lily, iris) then highlight the heady and powerful character of this initial sequence.

Palate : Refined, powerful. The oxidative attack is characterised by notes of curry and fresh fruit (pomegranate). On the mid-palate, gooseberry and medlar make an especially expressive appearance. Gradually, flavours of malted barley, almond syrup and leavened bread take over the entire palate.

Finish : Long, silky. The very evocative start of the finish invites us to bite into 100% cocoa chocolate. This beautiful cocoa bitterness envelops the taste buds, bringing lots of freshness to the end of a finish that is also remarkably salty. Just like the palate, the finish is dominated by malted barley. On the retro-nasal olfaction, candied pear and yellow plum caress the taste buds with their deliciously creamy juices. The empty glass is slightly medicinal (thuja essential oil) and camphoric.

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