HELLYERS ROAD 18 ans 2002 Original American Oak French Connections


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Founded in 1999, the Tasmanian distillery of Hellyer’s Road is equipped with two stainless steel stills with a copper lyne arm and head. It owns a cooperative dairy named Betta Milk. For maturation, it primarily uses ex-bourbon casks, but also uses barrels previous containing a local red wine. Extremely seductive, the palette of flavours and aromas revealed by this version baptized ‘Original’ is a subtle combination of classicism and exuberance. Direct and with impressive freedom of expression, over the tasting it plays all of its trump cards with lots of strength. Full of authenticity, it brings its own take on the phrase ‘what’s bred in the bone will come out in the flesh…’.

Profile: the original nose wavers between candied orange, acacia honey and aromatic plants (parsley). Allowed to breathe, fresh walnut and tiger balm bring lots of energy. Precise and for its part honeyed, the attack is very exotic (persimmon, passion fruit). The oxidative mid-palate is chocolate, earthy and salty. The creamy start of the finish is milky (coconut), candied (lemon) and herbaceous (cut hay). It lingers on pink peppercorn, Russian leather and green liquorice. The retro-nasal olfaction is medicinal (tiger balm).

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Appearance : bright gold.
Nose : refined, original. From candied orange to acacia honey, William’s pear to aromatic plants (parsley, wild thyme) and bourbon vanilla to very ripe banana, the first nose is extremely concentrated. Allowed to breathe, lavender honey, fresh walnut, cinnamon, herbes de Provence and tiger balm accentuate the very pleasant sensation of fullness that reigns throughout the aromatic palette. Superb.
Palate : clean, precise. Also honeyed (wildflower honey, acacia), the attack offers the chance to explore more exotic lands (pineapple, kiwi, lychee, passion fruit). Next, nutmeg and candied ginger appear alongside yellow fruits (melon, pomelo) and black fruits (cherry, blueberry). The wonderfully oxidative mid-palate inspires lots of emotion. Next, dark chocolate is transformed into a damp, mineral-rich earth and gooseberries release a divinely tangy juice. The end of the palate is refreshed by a salty marine breeze.
Overall : long, creamy. At the start of the finish, coconut milk, candied lemon, star anise and cut hay form a quartet whose harmony is equalled only by its diversity. Still nuanced, it lingers on notes of pink peppercorn, courgette flower, Russian leather and green liquorice. On the retro-nasal olfaction, vanilla and a hint of camphor leave a lively signature on the palette of flavours. The empty glass is medicinal (tiger balm), fermentary (malting floors, washback), fruity (banana) and mentholated.

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