HELLYERS ROAD 16 ans 2004 Peated French Connections


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The Hellyer’s Road distillery is the largest micro-distillery in Tasmania. It has a production capacity of 100,000 litres of pure alcohol per year. It uses locally grown barley. Evoking in more than one way the magnificent 12-year-old cask strength bottling from our 2017 Creation Catalogue, this Hellyer’s Road reveals breathtaking strength and smoothness combined. The icing on the cake: at the very end of the palate, just as the tasting seems to be coming to an end, peat shakes up the established order. In unison, far later, the dried extracts from the empty glass overflow with generosity and exoticism.

Profile: ethereal. At once exotic (passion fruit), peaty-medicinal (camphor), spicy and malty, the first nose is superbly full. Allowed to breathe, lime, agave syrup and heady florals (lily) provide an inspired relay. The sharp attack is fruity and peaty. On a second reading, it is also exotic (papaya). The mid-palate is vegetal and herbaceous (hay, fresh mint). The unctuous finish is intensely pastry-scented (strawberry tart, rum baba). Next, blocks of peat sweep through the end of the palate; they bring with them salt and seaweed.

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Appearance : deep burnished gold.
Nose : fine, ethereal. At once exotic (passion fruit, lychee), peaty-medicinal (camphor, ointment), spicy (coriander), smoky (soot, ash) and malty, the first nose is superbly full. Allowed to breathe, lime, agave syrup, dark chocolate and heady florals (iris, lily) provide a relay full of inspiration. With time, the peat becomes increasingly present and above all salty and iodine. Magnificent.
Palate : sharp, stately. On the attack, compote fruits flavours are seeped in a rooty peat. Next, exotic fruits (papaya, passion fruit) emerge on the surface of the flavour palette. The mid-palate makes way for vegetal and herbaceous notes (hay, courgette flower, dandelion, fresh mint…). At the end of the palate, vanilla and strong spices (clove, ginger) announce a finish that promises to be rich.
Overall : unctuous, creamy. As expected, the taster is offered a collection of pastries. These include French toast, rum baba and even a strawberry and rhubarb tartelette. Next, without any resistance, blocks of peat sweep through the very end of the palate. With them come seaweed and grains of salt. Full of freshness, the retro-nasal olfaction is characterized by notes of green tea, chlorophyll and bay leaf. The empty glass evokes a smoking Havana cigar. A note of artichoke heart. Much later, exotic fruits reappear.

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