HAMPDEN 9 ans 2011 LFCH Single Cask #296 LMDW


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In 2018, after 265 years of continuous activity, Hampden Estate officially launched its own bottlings on the international market for the first time in its history. For our 2021 Creation Catalogue, with the Trelawny Endemic Birds Series, we invite you to discover the very first cask strength single casks bottled by this iconic Jamaican distillery, also known as the “uncut diamond”. Wonderfully embodying the exuberant, heady and complex style of this rum adored by enthusiasts throughout the world, this cask no. 296 has an ester content of 90-120 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol and belongs to the LFCH category of the distillery’s own Marks classification.

Profile: rich and at once medicinal (ointment), syrupy (cane sugar) and spicy (cinnamon), the first nose is impressively sweet. Allowed to breathe, aromatic plants (sage) and citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit) add a touch of acidity to the aromatic palette. The lively yet creamy attack is vanilla, chocolate and creamy, herbaceous (hay) and heady (wallflower). Increasingly spicy (clove) and exotic (pineapple), the mid-palate sees sugar cane release a deliciously syrupy juice. The silky start of the finish is creamy (milk tart). Expressive, it brings to mind fields of sugar cane ready to be cut. Flavours of vetiver, warm sugar and green liquorice fragrance the closely linked finish and retro- nasal olfaction.

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Appearance : polished mahogany.

Nose : full-bodied, rich. At once medicinal (ointment, camphor), syrupy (cane sugar), vegetal (sugar cane) and spicy (cinnamon, ginger), the impressively sweet first nose reveals notes of heady florals (geranium). Allowed to breathe, aromatic plants (sage, verbena) and citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit) bring a touch of acidity to the aromatic palette (Arlequin sweets). Gradually, the “Jamaican” character of this Hampden takes shape with sleet, rubber and pine resin.

Palate : lively yet creamy. A divine combination of chocolate and vanilla, the attack is also herbaceous (hay, alfalfa), heady (iris, lily, wallflower), exotic (pineapple) and spicy (clove, star anise). On the mid-palate, sugar canes release a deliciously syrupy and slightly roasted (tobacco, coffee) juice onto the palate. The end of the palate is then hot (Cayenne, paprika) and delicately caramelized.

Overall : long, silky. Continuing on from the palate, the start of the finish is vanilla (flan) and creamy (milk tart). Very expressive, it brings to mind fields of sugar cane ready to be cut. Flavours of vetiver, warm sugar and green liquorice flood the very end of the finish and the beautifully serene retro-nasal olfaction. With rare concentration, the empty glass is warm, medicinal and empyreumatic (burnt wood, rubber, melting tarmac).

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