HAMPDEN 5 ans 2017 DOK


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Calendar-wise, seven years of ageing separate this Hampden DOK distilled in 2017 and the Hampden DOK distilled in 2010 also found in this creation catalogue. Flavour-wise, however, a century separates them, with this version sticking close to the distillate and its older version standing out for its mature expression. Proudly proclaiming its Jamaican roots, it has one major asset: the charm of authenticity.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Bright gold.

Nose : Very powerful yet ethereal. The extreme first nose is immediately characterised by particularly intense notes of distillate (solvent). Next, vegetal (sugar cane), medicinal and hot (Cayenne pepper, tiger balm, marmot ointment) aromas appear. Allowed to breathe, a few citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit), vanilla pod and coconut create a fine and delicate aroma sequence. Very soon, however, essential oils (savoury, rosemary) and tar amplify the nose’s empyreumatic character.

Palate : Rich, heady. On the attack, citrus fruits (lemon, kumquat), burnt cane sugar and pine resin take their turn to highlight the strong personality of a vanilla and fruity (Mirabelle plum, plum) distillate. Medicinal (cloth bandage), camphoric and spicy (ylang ylang), the mid-palate returns in force to essential oils (jasmine, rosemary, thyme). The end of the palate reveals a strong expression of tarmac and Russian leather notes.

Finish : Long, well-balanced. At the start of the finish, the distillate’s density is translated by a sensation of fresh runny cane juice. The lemon and vanilla end of the finish develops a fresher, mentholated and peppery register. Next, slices of lime invigorate a radiant retronasal olfaction. The empty glass is medicinal, vanilla and vegetal (sugar cane).

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