HAMPDEN 12 ans 2010 HLCF Rare Cask #78


The first part in a sensory journey dedicated to Hampden’s oldest stocks aged in a tropical climate, this version is in the same HLCF category (ester content of 500-700 g per hectolitre of pure alcohol) as the single casks 79 and 80. Its palette of flavours and aromas is an uninterrupted succession of herbaceous, empyreumatic, fruity, hot and heady sequences that bring it huge texture and underscore its extremely oxidative character.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Topaz.

Nose : Deep yet ethereal. The very finely herbaceous (lime blossom, flowering lucerne) and yet sunny (sunflower, sugar cane field) first nose is incredibly delicate. Allowed to breathe, empyreumatic notes (sleet, diesel) and fragrances of macerated fruits transcend the changing aroma palette. Gradually, strong spices (clove, nutmeg, black pepper) and camphor appear alongside heady florals (iris, lily) and essential oils (savoury, thyme).

Palate : Rich, full-bodied. Pairing together perfectly, flavours of warm cane sugar, peach coulis and roasted pineapple bring the attack lots of energy. Citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit), coconut and vanilla pod then refresh the palate. The end of the palate is slightly tarry.

Finish : Long, heady. The liquorice, chocolate, vegetal (tobacco), ashy and salty start of the finish confirms the flavour palette’s empyreumatic (rubber) and mineral (schist) development. The end of the palate is floral (geranium), exotic (banana) and fibrous (gentian, ginseng). The retro-nasal olfaction and empty glass reveal fragrances of dried flowers, very ripe mango and toffee.

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