GUYANAN RUM 24 YO 1991 – 60 ans LMDW B.Bros 46%


Given its venerable age, this offering, bottled by the famous independent bottler Berry’s Bros & Rudd, has kept the elegant and lively character of its younger years. Once aired, the notes of still warm cane sugar take us back to the genesis of traditional rum from British Guiana, which has over the years taken on a fruity, medicinal, spicy and mentholated character. After more airing, notes of agave can be detected on the nose, which take us on an unexpected trip to Mexico, and more precisely to the state of Jalisco.

Profile: pulpy, the nose is also fruity (Mirabelle plums, pineapple) before becoming being coated with a thin layer of tar. Notes of coconut. Distinguished, the palate wavers between camphor, citrus fruit zest and dried fruit. Spearmint offers up a lovely fresh finish.

Single Cask no. 02/V64-7
Limited edition of 270 bottles
Exclusive to LMDW

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Appearance : deep gold.
Nose : pulpy, voluptuous. Very fruity (Mirabelle plums, pineapple, walnut) and without any hint of wood, the initial nose is also fresh and creamy. Once aired, a thin layer of tar delicately appears on the surface of the aromatic palette. Vanilla, coconut and musky perfumes can be glimpsed in the background.
Palate : lively, elegant. Slightly medicinal (camphor, balm), the attack on the palate is also marked by citrus fruit zest (orange, grapefruit) and dried fruit (almond, walnut, pistachio). Fibrous, the mid-palate is remarkably spicy (star anise, ginger, cloves). Increasingly heady, the back of the palate is however chilled by a slightly chocolatey, roasted bitterness (tobacco, coffee).
Overall : generous, balanced. Compared to the end of the palate, the finish is creamier and even fresher. Green mint and lemon verbena gradually coat the taste buds. With plenty of zeal, the retro-nasal olfaction is vanilla-flavoured and delicately spicy (cardamom). A hint of green tea then makes a noteworthy appearance. The empty glass releases notes of sweet almond, fresh walnut and green liquorice.

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