GUYANA 23 ans 1999 The Wild Parrot New Vibrations Hid.


Initially aged in the tropical climate of Guyana from 1999 to 2002, this Wild Parrot continued its maturation until 2023 in the continental climate of the United Kingdom. A superb alternation of smoky, exotic, and vegetal sequences, the aromatic and gustatory palette of this version has preserved the freshness of its prime youth intact. Through aging in bourbon casks, it has acquired a mature expression where delightful floral, vanilla, and licorice notes intertwine.

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Tasting Notes

: Deep golden yellow.

Nose : Rich, full-bodied. Exotic (pineapple, banana), fibrous (sugarcane), and spicy (ginger, cloves), the initial scent also shows medicinal (balm) and camphorated notes. With aeration, scents of beeswax, white flowers (lily, lily of the valley) mingle with hints of rubber and vetiver aromas.

Palate : Both lively and smooth. At the palate’s attack, citrus zests (lime, grapefruit), grated ginger, and fresh sugarcane deeply impregnate the taste buds. Vegetal, the mid-palate evokes the sugarcane harvest period. Scents of sugarcane flower perfume the atmosphere.

Finish : Long, balanced. Behind a very pleasant saltiness, the beginning of the finish reveals delicate vanilla, herbaceous, and exotic flavors (pineapple, kaffir lime). Silky, the aftertaste brings back licorice and bitter tones (quinine, gentian).




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