GUADELOUPE 20 ans 1998 Bellevue S.S.


In rum, parrots are all the rage, apparently. Well we do know that this honorable bottler does genuinely love parrots, and that he even owns some funny fellow. But shh, that’s private information… By the way, it’s cool that they would mention the fact that this was aged in Scotland and not on location in Guadeloupe on the label. Full transparency, that’s great.

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Appearance : rich amber. Nose: amazing, at the
Nose : very top of French rum. Fantastic roasted hazelnuts, mango jam, tiger balm, black olives, a drop of nail polish, dried bananas, orange cake… This is better civilised than the others, but it still kicks and screams. More and more heady liquorice after a while. With water: balsa wood, ylang-ylang, fresh cinnamon rolls…
Palate : sweet Jesus, how good is this? It’s perfect rum, with just the best of all worlds. Liquorice’s unifying all this maelstrom of spices, smokes and fruits, and well, I just love this. With water: yeah, water does not push the wood! But it does push the whole towards several other aged spirits, Armagnac perhaps, whisky (that thing they make out of grains), aged plum eau-de-vie…
Overall : long, firm, just perfect and typically ‘French Caribbean’. Except that not many French Caribbean rums are as great as this. Gotta love the best of Guadeloupe (and Marie-Galante). Comments: I think I just said all I wanted to say (ooh you racked your brain again, S.!).

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