GLENFARCLAS 2011 The Family Cask Sherry Hogshead Conquête


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With an incredibly dignified and noble expression, this version is a clear reminder of Glenfarclas’ expertise in sherry maturation. At this level of quality, calling the combination of remarkably pure spirit with the famous Andalusian wine a match made in heaven is almost an understatement. And this 2011 vintage offers fans of the Speyside grand cru a treat that echoes the profile of top-flight cognacs.

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Appearance : orangey copper.
Nose : refined, distinguished. The first nose is coated in an unctuous layer of liquorice and characterized by notes of salted butter caramel, candied apricot, walnut and dark chocolate. Allowed to breathe, it moves into a very noble spicy register (cardamom, grated ginger, emery cloth). Magnificently oxidative, it lingers on medicinal (mustard seed), floral (carnation, reseda, thuja) and fruity (lemon, orange) notes.
Palate : svelte, dynamic. First evoking a vanilla ice cream, the attack quickly moves into praline, roasted (coffee) and chocolate notes. On the mid-palate, malted barley appears completely naturally. With it come candied apricot, a handful of red fruits (strawberry, redcurrant), spices (nutmeg, a pinch of clove) and Russian leather.
Overall : soft, shimmering. The very delicate mouthfeel found at the start of the finish is like the skin of a white peach. Immediately after, we sink our teeth into its flesh. The end of the finish is liquoricey (liquorice stick), herbaceous (verbena, lime blossom) and exotic (guava, mango). The retro-nasal olfaction reveals a variety of autumn nuts (chestnut, sweet chestnut, hazelnut). The empty glass wavers between malted barley, precious wood and the fragrance of a Havana cigar.

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