GLENDRONACH 26 ans 1993 Sherry PX The Little Big Book


Highland Single Malt – 56.5%, 70cl
Single Cask #3624 – Pedro Ximenez Puncheon
Limited Edition of 660 bottles – LMDW Exclusive
Widely considered one of Scotland’s most traditional distilleries, Glendronach was one of the last to use directed-fired coal stills, until 2005 when it made the decision to begin using indirect heating with steam. This absolutely remarkable bottling invites us to discover a very complex palette of flavours and aromas. It also allows us to contemplate a chromatic palate which, throughout the tasting, constantly revisits every shade of yellow. This tireless work leads to a radiant and spirited Glendronach.

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Colour: golden yellow with glints of burnished gold.

Nose: powerful, rich. On the initial nose, malted barley and sherry engage in a passionate dual in which both come out stronger. Indeed, a gentle malty bitterness appears alongside numerous candied (apple, pear, Mirabelle plum) and exotic (pineapple) fruits and nuts (almond, fresh walnut). With time, the nose becomes increasingly syrupy (roasted grape). Next, a deliciously liquorice and spicy (ginger, nutmeg) interlude precedes the triumphant return of malted barley. Magnificent.

Palate: dense, concentrated. Continuing on perfectly from the nose, the attack also wavers between a very nobly expressed malty bitterness and a fruit that overflows with exoticism (banana, pineapple). The mid-palate is transcended by notes of verbena, chamomile and green tea. Candied citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit) then bring lots of freshness to the end of the palate.

Finish: long, juicy. With lots of enthusiasm, the start of the finish never wavers in its dedication to exploring the world of rum (sugar cane, sugarcane juice). A handful of white florals (lily, lilac, lily of the valley) beautifully fragrance the extremely refreshing atmosphere. A true elixir of youth for the taste buds, juicy fruits (grape, white peach) are a joy to discover. The retro-nasal olfaction is characterized by notes of green liquorice and blonde tobacco. The empty glass highlights a deeply delicate minerality (schist, basalt).

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